How much water do you eat?


The Project

Wonderwater is a project developed by Jane Withers and Kari Korkman to raise awareness of global water issues and design for a sustainable future. 

The water footprint is an increasingly important tool for understanding our water consumption and using water responsibly and sustainably.

The idea is similar to the carbon footprint, but with a focus on the use of water. We use large amounts of domestic water for washing, drinking and cooking, but considerably more water for producing food, paper, cotton and almost every other physical product we consume. 


How Much Water Do You Eat?

Wonderwater Café is a pop-up event designed to make us think about the impact of what we eat on local and global water resources.

As agriculture accounts for over 90% of global water consumption, how we eat and drink can make a big difference. The Wonderwater menu shows the breakdown of the water footprint of dishes, revealing how we consume water as we eat.

Armed with the right information, we can begin to understand the global flows of water in food production and select the rice, meat, vegetable or tea that has a relatively low water footprint, or that has its footprint in a region of the world that doesn’t have high water scarcity. With a growing global population and international concern over food security, it’s time to think more about the water used in bringing food to our plates.

Visit Wonderwater @ Triennale Caffè
XXII Triennale di Milano Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival
1 March – 1 September 2019

Wonderwater @ Triennale Caffè menu

Wonderwater Café was previously staged in Beijing Design Week in 2011, World Design Capital Helsinki in 2012 and London Design Festival 2012.





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